Monday, November 13, 2006

Images from "SiddhiVinayaka Temple"

Thursday, November 09, 2006

You need an appointment to meet the God
“SiddhiVinayaka” temple located at Mumbai, India is a famous temple of Lord Ganesha. Thousands of people visit the temple every day. It is a believed that all your desires get fulfilled by just paying a visit to the temple. But it’s not easy for you to get a glance of god so easily. In order to manage the large crowd of people computers are used for management purpose, these are installed at the counters located at the gate of temple. You need to get an appointment from these counters to pay a visit to the temple and meet god. Only during the time slot given to you on a particular day you can enter the temple, meet god and do your pooja-archana (prayer). Doesn’t it sound strange having to get an appointment to meet god. If you have faith in god or not you should at least once pay a visit to the temple and make a wish for your dreams, I believe that you will not be disappointed your dreams will definitely come true. God does not discriminate. We all are his kids. He loves us all. He cares for us. Have faith in god you will always be happy.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Belief and Faith

From ancient times people in Indian homes install idols of Lord Ganesha at the main entrance of their home to prevent evil powers from entering their homes and let all that is good flow in. What I have noticed that earlier few had placed these idols at their entrance but now a days I find these at each next door baring a few, also I find people using Vaastu and Fengsui instruments. I feel this to be the impact of the telivision serials which lay stress on these principles now a days. A few years back I never saw people talking of Vaastu , Fengsui or more such things. I don't feel any harm in practising these things because it does not harm anyone. At least you have the peace that everything good will happen and peace is all we need and is difficult to achieve in this fast moving world. Also such acts show that you care for your home and family that why you do such acts to safeguard them. Caring for people, that's a good sign of building relationships and humanity. It's the relations, love and peace of mind that makes a man ive his life happily and faith in god provides strength to face the toughest situations of life.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mythological Story Related To Birth Of Lord Ganesha
Once Goddess Parvati went rude with his “NATH” Lord Shiv (Goddess Parvati’s husband). She closed herself within her cave, she created a boy which she named “Ganesha” with her imagination. She gave him instructions to guard the cave and not to allow anyone to enter the cave. She also asked him not to carry any messages to her until she herself calls him. Then she went into meditation.
In order to make up Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiv sent his “Shivgada” (his disciples) to Goddess Parvati to convey his message to her. Lord Ganesha stopped them at the cave entrance and returned them. Then the “Devtas”, Lord Brahma “The Creater”, Lord Vishnu “The Preserver” came one by one to make up Goddess Parvati and convey the Lord Shiv’s message to her but they too were stopped by Lord Ganesha. They tried to convince him that atleast Lord Ganesh himself go and convey the message to Goddess Parvati if he did not allow them to meet her. Lord Ganesha was an obedient son and devotee of his mother. He was very strict in carrying out the orders to him by his mother therefore he did not listen to anyone and entered into fight with them to stop them.
Now when this news came to the ears of Lord Shiv, he became very angry and himself went to the cave. Lord Ganesha stopped him too, this increased the Lord Shiv’s anger. (At this time Lord Shiv and Lord Ganesha were unaware of the relationship with each other). Lord Shiv threw his “trishool” (his tool) at Lord Ganesha. Trishool strikes Lord Ganesha and separates his head from the rest of his body. Hearing the scream of his son Goddess Parvati’s meditation broke and she came running out of the cave. Finding his son in such a condition she was red hot in anger, she shouted “Who’s done this, she is not going to forgive anyone for this act”. When she came to know that it was Lord Shiv’s act she shouted at him “What a father are you, you killed your own son?” All the people there were surprised as none of them inluding Lord Shiv knew that what Lord Shiv’s relationship to Lord Ganesha was. At this moment it seemed she would destroy the universe. In order to calm her down all the “Devtas” , “Trideva” (Bramha, Vishnu and Shiv) prayed to her and asked for forgiveness and to cool down. Goddess Parvati said “I will not forgive anyone and this universe would no longer exist if I do not get back my son”. Lord Shiv said that he admits his mistake and he would give back life to her son.
Lord Shiv orders his “Shivgada” to get the head of the first living creature they find in their way. Lord Vishnu releases his “Chakra” and the “Shivgada” moved following it. The “Chahra” striked the head of an elephant which was brought back to Lord Shiv. Lord Shiv attached it the Lord Ganesha’s rest of the body and gave back him life. All the Devtas, Tridevas blessed Lord Ganesha with “Vardana” (Powers). Lord Shiv also gave him the “Vardan” that he would be the first to be among all the lords, he would always be preached by people before any new work they begin for good luck and to get the work completed without any obstacles. Lord Shiv said that he would be known as “Vighnaharta”. Goddess Parvati was very pleased and happy to get her son back . She forgave everyone. Also she was pleased with Lord Shiv. All the people there and the universe was happy to see the “Shiv Parvaar” together.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Shree Ganeshaaya Namaha
Bestowed by the blessings of Lord Ganesha, today I begin my blog. Lord Ganesha is known as "Vighanaharta" (that is, troubleshooter) in Hindu mythology. He is a symbol of good and happiness. People have faith that he will take care that all things go well and no problem will come in our way as he will take care of them. That's why whenever a new work/project is begun, it is a custom in Indian Hindu homes to begin it with the worship of Lord Ganesha so that everything goes well and fine as planned and we know that "All that begins well ends well". Also when a religious activity is carried out or a prayer or a worship is done, it begins with the worship of Lord Ganesha. There is a mythological story behind it, lets discuss that in the next post.